Please Don’t Hang Up

Why is This Important?

This is Relay Texas

Many deaf, hard-of-hearing, deaf-blind, and speech-disabled people find that businesses, organizations, and individuals they call through relay are unfamiliar with the relay service. As a result, when the relay operator announces the call “This is Relay Texas”, the hearing person who is receiving a relay call for the first time often hangs up, thinking that a telemarketer is calling.

These hang-ups are frustrating for relay users, and may mean a loss of business and reflect poor customer relations for the business or organization being called.

The “Please, Don’t Hang Up” campaign consists of presentations throughout the state by the relay service outreach staff and a public service announcement for TV and radio, as well as printed material.

  • Have you ever made a call and had someone hang up on you?
  • Do you want Relay Texas to educate those who do hang up on you?

If so,  download the Hang-up Incident form online and mail to Relay Texas

Hang-up Incident Form

A Relay Texas representative will follow up either by sending a brochure, a letter, or by telephoning the resident or business that is the source of the complaint, to better inform the party about the relay services and get across the message, “Please, Don’t Hang Up. It may be the most important call you will receive all day!”

Help Relay Texas increase awareness and get the message out there about the “Please, Don’t Hang Up” Campaign.