CapTel 2400i

Contemporary Touch-Screen Design

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Touch-Screen Convenience. Great for Low Vision.

The CapTel 2400i makes it easy to enjoy phone conversations with a large, colorful, touch-screen display and helpful menu graphics. It’s perfect for those who prefer a contemporary phone design and is ideal for low-vision users. Features include dial-by-picture capability, a built-in answering machine and a traditional keypad for a familiar dialing experience. 

Captions at the Perfect Size and Color

Large, high resolution, full color touch-screen display with adjustable font sizes and colors make captions easy to read in any environment.

Familiar Keypad Dialing with One-Touch Support

The CapTel 2400i has many features at your fingertips and dialing is easy and familiar on a traditional keypad. A “HOME” button makes it easy to return to the main menu and one-touch access to the CapTel Help Line means answers are as close as the push of a button.

Easy 3-Step Hookup

Phone line connection fits whatever technology you have. Or connect to the Internet or use your home Wi-Fi.

Dial Faster. Dial Easier.

An easy-to-use menu guides you through many great time saving features like dial-by-picture speed dialing for frequently called numbers. You’ll also enjoy Caller ID and a built-in answering machine that displays your messages in text.


  • Contemporary design for users who prefer a high-tech appearance
  • Easy-to-follow menu system
  • Phone Book feature stores 95+ names/numbers
  • Captions can be turned on/off at any time during a call
  • Callers dial your number, not an operator
  • Adjustable volume control – easy to see and adjust up to 40dB
  • Built-in answering machine records messages and displays them in text
  • Ergonomic HAC handset for maximum hearing comfort
  • Tilt-screen for comfortable reading position
  • Captions appear automatically on both incoming and outgoing calls
  • Captions available in English or Spanish
  • Captions only available within the U.S.
  • AES encryption for security and privacy
  • Sprint Captioning Service is trusted by the Federal Government


  • Telephone Service: can be analog, digital cable, CoIP, FIOS or DSL. Not compatible with PBX systems unless an analog port is available.
  • High Speed Internet (25 MB download per second). Connects to Internet over WiFi wireless network or by an Ethernet cable. A router may also be required to connect more than one device to your Internet service. 

Physical Dimensions

  • Size: 12.56" x 9.54" x 3.64"
  • Weight: 3 lb. 2.3 oz.


  • AC Adapter: 6 VDC, 2 A (barrel is negative)
  • Adapter is UL listed.

Dial Pad

  • Large Keys: 0.67" x 0.56"


  • 10.1" Backlit, graphical LCD color display 
  • 1024 x 600 pixels

Function Buttons

  • Home
  • Customer Service Speed Dial
  • Redial
  • Flash
  • Mute
  • Tone
  • Captions
  • Volume


  • Conversation: Amplification (0-40 dB gain)
  • Tone: Low, Medium, High frequency
  • Customized to match personal audiogram
  • Ringer: Off, Low, Medium, High (0-90 dB)

Indicator Lights

  • Mute
  • Volume Levels (1 through 12)
  • Captions On/Off
  • Ringer Flasher


  • Type: HAC (Hearing Aid Compatible)


  • Phone Book (100 entries)
  • Favorites (10 entries)
  • Speed Dial (3 entries)
  • Redial (Last number dialed)

8 Caption Font Sizes

  • Small 
    • 1 - .20"
    • 2 - .23"
    • 3 - .25"
  • Medium
    • 4 - .30"
    • 5 - .33"
  • Large
    • 6 - .48"
    • 7 - .51"
    • 8 - .54"


  • Telephone line: requires RJ11 connection (can be standard analog line, VOIP, DSL, FIOS. Does not support digital PBX system unless analog port available).
  • 3.5 mm Neckloop/Headset
  • 2.5 mm Headset with microphone
  • Ethernet or WiFi wireless
  • AC power

WiFi Internet Access

  • FCC approved
  • FCC registration number: US D8KTE00BCAPTEL840
  • REN: 0.0B

Conversation Memory

  • 360,000 characters (minimum of 10 hours of conversation per call)
  • 100 recordable messages
  • Information saved for last 100 calls

These files request Adobe PDF reader. Download here

Getting Captions on Incoming Calls

People can call your phone number directly and you will receive captions during the call. Just make sure the Captions feature is on - the blue light around the CAPTIONS button is lit. Press the button to turn the feature on and off

What equipment do I need to use CapTel 2400i?

  1. High-speed Internet access using a DSL or Digital Cable modem (the CapTel 840i and 2400i connects either via a WiFi network or with an Ethernet cable). Depending on your Internet setup, a router may also be required to allow you to connect more than one device to your Internet service.
  2. Telephone service (can be analog line, DSL with filter, VOIP, FIOS, or Digital Cable phone service). CapTel does not work with digital Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems found in some office environments, residential facilities, and hotels, unless an analog port is available.
  3. Standard electrical power (AC adapter plugs into standard wall outlet). 

CapTel 2400i Registration Help

The very first time you set up CapTel, you may be asked to review the Registration Terms and Conditions on the CapTel display. Follow the directions on the screen. If your CapTel 2400i is already registered, your phone will not show the following registration screen. Per requirements from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Captions feature on your phone will not be activated until you accept the Registration Terms & Conditions. If you need assistance, press the blue CUST SERV button for help.

How does the 2400i work?

How the 2400i Captioning WorksYour CapTel 2400i works like any other phone – just pick up the handset and dial the person you want to call on the dialing keypad. Every time you make a call, the phone can also connect over the Internet to a free Captioning Service. An operator (Captioning Assistant) at the Captioning Service uses speech-recognition technology to create captions of everything your caller says. The captions appear on your CapTel 2400i display screen for you to read.

How do I turn captions on/off using the CapTel 2400i?

You can turn captions on/off at any time during your call by pressing CAPTIONS button. When the blue light around the CAPTIONS button is lit, you will see captions of everything the other party says. To turn captions off, press CAPTIONS button again. The blue light around the CAPTIONS button goes off.

Calling and Answering using a CapTel 2400i


Like with any other phone, you can dial the phone number of the person you want to call.

  • Before you dial, make sure the CAPTIONS button is on (blue light around CAPTIONS button is lit).
  • Lift the handset.
  • Use the dialing keypad to dial the phone number of the person you wish to call.
  • As you dial, the display screen shows the status as your CapTel phone connects to the captioning service.
  • Listen or watch the display screen to know when someone answers. Begin your conversation as you normally would. Captions will appear on the display screen as the other party speaks.

Answering an Incoming Call

  • When the phone rings, the display lights up to let you know there is an incoming call. (If you have Caller ID service, the caller’s name and phone number will appear).
  • Lift up the handset to answer the call.
  • If you would like captions, make sure the CAPTIONS button is on (blue light around CAPTIONS button is lit).