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What is Relay Texas?

Relay Texas is a service that provides telephone access for people with speech or hearing loss who find it challenging or impossible to use a traditional telephone. There are several different types of relay services, each designed to accommodate different users’ needs and capabilities.

Relay Texas agents have special equipment to both hear a speaking caller and read text responses sent by callers using a text-based device such as a TTY, VCO, computer or mobile device. The agent facilitates conversations between two callers who are using otherwise incompatible equipment. When processing captioned telephone (CT) calls, agents rely on voice recognition technology to provide the CT user with a text transcript of the call while the CT user is also listening to the other person.

All services are available for Texans 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There are no restrictions imposed on Relay Texas calls, and state and federal laws mandate confidentiality.

Outreach Event Calendar

A Relay Texas representative is also available to meet with your business or organization to share more information about Relay Texas products and services. Please call 512-354-7003 to schedule
a meeting.

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